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BioThermic Process Controls, Inc. has developed a proprietary technology, Tru-∆T, for improved temperature control in bioreactors.

Several years ago, our founder was challenged to improve upon conventual methods for temperature control of fermenting wine.  Progress was slow, but a solid grounding in chemical engineering first principles eventually yielded an intrinsically simple, yet highly robust design.  This design could adjust to both time and spatial variances in heat production, without the need for advanced controls or programming.  It was then trialed under production conditions and further optimized for efficiency and functionality.

Commercialization was made possible, however, after a realization that many chemical and biochemical processes produce small amounts of instantaneous heat, yet are cooled by systems better suited for high heat-outputs.  Process over-cooling carries two significant risks: 1. unnecessary energy intensity and 2. unnecessary thermal cold shock.  Thermal shock is of particular concern for biological systems, as loss of temperature control has been shown to adversely affect metabolic conversions, replication rates, and batch consistency.

With our Tru-∆T technology, BioThermic Process Controls, Inc. provides a best-in-class technology for temperature control of biochemical processes. Our goal is to improve reaction yields and batch consistency, while simultaneously reducing downstream production costs across a wide range of industries. Specifically, Tru-∆T has applications in mammalian cell culture, fermentation of wine, beer, and spirits, and specialty chemical production.